Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chorus I wrote

 I'm coming down,
Now tell me how the world is.
I ask myself,
Why'd it end up like this.
Blame myself,
For all the empty promises.
Your pretty face,
Is always something I'll miss.
Pray to god,
For one last loving kiss.

I'm working on a full song but at a stump so you'll have to wait. Or if ya want to finish the song or make suggestions .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some rubbish

Its been awhile since i last posted here. Here's some new stuff.

Another night goes by with out you here
all the damn time im thinking bout you dear
drowning the sickness all with out fear
that some day me and you will always be near
bring back to me now
come near with out a doubt
youll never have to pout
when you see me youll shout
it a huge risk i take
there is so much at stake
but let there be no mistake
my heart is yours to take
i lay to sleep another lonely night
i think bout us together, so tight
accept me for who i am dont fight
to make you happy i try with all my might
I thought i would share something new
ill talk about you to my crew
if you could walk in my shoes
youd see that i love you

Let life bring you down
in your tears of misery
so i can watch you drown
sounds so sweet to me
Cus baby i'm no clown
Playing with my heart was just so funny
Hope the guilt hits now...

 Yeah my writing style is a lil bland but im working on improving it. Just when i get most creative i never have a chance to jot stuff down so its mostly by memorie.
 Feel free to comment